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White 2 Piece Pop Up Apparel Box, 15×9.5×2″, 100 Pack

Our White 2 Piece Pop up Apparel Box, a useful and elegant packaging solution designed to improve your brand appearance. Measuring 10x7x1.5 inches, these boxes provide full space for different apparel products, ensuring an ideal fit for your items. The original white color of these boxes displays ease and elegance, offering brand’s identity. The simple design allows for easy customization, making it perfect for businesses looking to display their logo or brand colors. Whether you’re packaging shirts, or dresses, the white background confirms that your apparel takes center stage.


Product description

Pop Up Apparel Box Material

Made from high-quality cardboard, these boxes increase durability and robustness, offering reliable protection for your manufacturers. The 2-piece design adds a trace of difficulty, allowing customers to reveal their purchases with a sense of interest. This bulk pack of 100 ensures that you have a full supply of these top quality apparel boxes to meet your inventory requirements.

    Pop Up Apparel Boxes

    The White 2 Piece Pop Up Apparel Box 15×9.5×2-inch size accommodates a huge range of apparel products, from folded shirts to slim dresses, providing adaptability for your product line. The large inner allows for creative presentation, whether you choose to add tissue paper, custom inserts, or other additions. In conclusion, our White 2 Piece Pop up Apparel Box in a 15×9.5×2″, 100 Pack-inch size, available in a suitable 100-pack, trusts realism with complexity. Design your brand’s packaging with these customizable, sturdy boxes, confirming that your apparel stands out and leaves a long-lasting impression on your customers.

    White 2 Piece Pop Up Apparel Box, 15×9.5×2″, 100 Pack


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