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Apparel boxes (also called clothing boxes) play a vital role in packaging clothing items. These boxes come in different styles, designs, and sizes to supply to the various needs of the apparel industry.

When it comes to apparel gift boxes they add an extra coating of style, creating the overall presentation more attractive. Here’s a collapse of the key elements related to apparel box Packaging:

Our Apparel Boxes are available in many colors, styles and sizes. Short on space? Our Pop-up Boxes fold flat for easy storage.



Apparel Boxes

    Apparel Box Styles and Designs

    Two-Piece Apparel Box: Consist of a different lid and base, providing a stylish and elegant look.
    Drawer Apparel Box: Feature a sliding drawer, offering easy access to the apparel inside.
    Folding Apparel Cartons: Flat-packed boxes that can be easily assembled, saving space during storage.
    Window Apparel Box: Include an apparent window, allowing customers to showing the enclosed apparel.

    Apparel Gift Boxes

    Custom apparel gift boxes are required for any retail clothing business. Whether you sell your designs online, apparel boxes may help improve your brand and present what you sell beautifully. Packaging provides a variety of choices for making your apparel stand out, as well as amazing gift packaging.

    Choosing the Right Luxury Apparel Box

    Our apparel packaging boxes are simple and easy to assemble when needed. Our Packaging provides eco-friendly, textured solutions that will boost your brand. Here are a few of the options we have available when you order from us.

    Gloss white
    Natural Kraft

    Metallic colors on Kraft

    Apparel Box Colors

    Apparel boxes Wholesale come in a huge range of colors to suit various branding. Popular choices include classic black and white, as well as animated colors that add a touch of originality.

    Apparel Packaging Materials

    Cardboard: Normally used for its strength and adaptability, offering a sturdy structure for the boxes.
    Kraft Paper: Known for its eco-friendly nature, adding a natural and rustic appeal to the packaging.
    Corrugated Board: Offers extra protection during shipping, making it appropriate for online retail.

    Apparel Boxes Sizes

    These boxes are available in several sizes to accommodate different clothing products.
    Ranges from small boxes for accessories to larger ones for larger clothing items like coats and jackets. Custom sizing options are frequently available to meet exact product dimensions.


    Many best companies provide customization options, allowing brand to add logos, branding, and other personalized touches to the boxes. Custom printing skills can be applied to improve the visual appeal of the packaging. In summary, the world of apparel boxes is different, offering a plethora of choices in terms of styles, colors, materials, and sizes. Businesses can influence these options to make an ideal and outstanding packaging experience for their customers. Whether it’s a simple cardboard box or a complexly designed gift box, the custom boxes peak can elevate the real value of the apparel inside.