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Shoe Box

Our Shoe Box with its hinged lid is a more well-organized and reasonable solution vs. a modern shoebox design. The close lid offers maximum brand presentation and an improved unboxing understanding for your client.

Our custom boxes are great for:

    1. Shoe subscriptions boxes
    2. Order fulfillment

<li>Retail boxes and mailers

  1. Gift box or storage

Product description

Choosing a Custom Shoe Box Design

Selecting the exact custom shoe box design is a vital step in attractive the overall presentation of your footwear and making a positive brand impression. Watch our helpful tutorial on how to fold this box style. Here are key factors to consider when choosing a custom shoe box design:

  1. Brand Identity
  2. Product Compatibility
  3. Practicality and Functionality
  4. Customization Options
  5. Materials and Sustainability
  6. Cost-Effectiveness
  7. Storage and Display Needs
  8. Market Trends and Competitor Analysis

    Custom Shoe Box

    If you’re looking for a technique to display case your business and really create an impression with your clients, custom shoe boxes are the method to go. These peak boxes are made of strong and robust materials, so you can rest assured that your shoes will be well-protected during shipment and management.

    • Durable
    • Versatile
    • Ideal for packaging shoes

    Customize Your Shoe Box at Any Size & Design

    From making a customized box of sneakers and smaller gift products, this wonderful shoe box from can installation surprise for a huge variety of ideas. Designed from the high-quality of our measurements of a shoe box is both strong and trendy. Custom shoe boxes are a multi-use packaging choice. They are also cool and stylish. A custom sneaker box is ideal for storing shoes, shipping, and showing your favorite custom shoes boxes or sneakers for sale. But custom shoe boxes with a logo are also used for various purposes like making subscription boxes. You can also used a personalized shoe box to give a gift in friend birthday or any event.

    What is the Purpose of Custom Made Shoe Boxes?

    Most people are responsible of throwing out their shoe boxes after winning out the new pair. In some cases, it’s easier and more suitable to store your footwear in a shoe box. This is particularly true for custom luxury shoe boxes. If you own expensive shoes or sneakers for resale, you’ll want to protect them. And custom shoe boxes can do just that. When you order custom printed shoe boxes, you can also color-code and label them to help with organization and resale value.

    Standard Size Shoeboxes Dimensions

    1. Women’s: 13″ (L) x 7.5″ (W) x 4″ (D)
    2. Men’s: 13.25″ (L) x 10″ (W) x 5″ (D)
    3. Children’s: 8.5″ (L) x 6″ (W) x 3″ (D)

    Size restrictions

    1. Depth (D) must be less than or equal to Width (W).
    2. Minimum dimensions: 8.5” (L) x 6” (W) x 3” (D)

    Why choose custom boxes Peak?

    • Perfect protection for shipping
    • Quick and easy box assembly
    • Made in the USA
    • Available in a variety of material options
    • Instant quotes
    • Highest-quality digital printing
    • Custom sizes to fit your gifts
    • 100% Recyclable Boxes

    What Size is a Shoe Box?

    Shoe box sizes can be differ depending on the type and brand of shoes. A common size for a standard shoe box is approximately 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) in length, 6 inches (15.2 centimeters) in width, and 4 inches (10.2 centimeters) in height. Keep in mind that these dimensions can vary a little depending on the shoe’s style and manufacturer.

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