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Gloss Laminated Cardboard Boxes

These versatile boxes can be used as Gloss Laminated Cardboard Boxes, cake boxes, sweet boxes, gift boxes and for many more. If you can have Gloss Laminated Cardboard Boxes ordered from us according to your customization needs from Custom Boxes Peak. Card boxes are manufactured of high quality long-lasting cardboard which gives a finish and flexibility to your packaging.


Product description

What are the benefits of laminated cardboards?

Laminated cardboard serves as versatile packaging material.  Suitable for a wide array of purposes including gift boxes, cake decorating tools, and virtually any other packaging concept. Customers can utilize laminated cardboard as an internal protective layer within their packaging. Ensuring the safety of their products during events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any other special occasions.

Top of Form

Gloss Laminated cardboard offers a dual function for your customers. It can serve as both a protective layer within boxes and cake decorating tools. Its robust and durable nature.  Ensures that it effectively shields the contents from damage while also making a bold statement. This protective layer plays a crucial role in safeguarding your customers’ products, ensuring their integrity during transit and storage.

Many laminated cardboard sheets are available in a thickness, width, and shape. Laminated cardboard is easy to cut, lengths and time, and can be stored for a storage time. Contact Us Custom Boxes Peak


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