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Everything you Need to Know about Cereal Box Dimensions 

For good cereal packaging, these designs, as well as the proper dimensions of a box of cereal, matter a lot. Boxes in the right shape and size can hold the cereals perfectly while keeping them fresh and safe. Not all cereal box sizes are the same. Every brand uses cereal boxes of different height and sizes. However, you may be thinking about what size of a cereal box is suitable for you or how to take the right dimension. Keep reading to learn everything about cereal box dimensions to create the box in a perfect shape, height, size, and weight.

 What are the dimensions of a cereal box?

Box dimension is a crucial part of your packaging to determine the required material, production cost, shipping cost, and more. Dimensions of a cereal box include length, width, depth, and height of a cereal box which are different for everyone. To ensure which cereal box side these terms refer to, we have provided dimension guidelines that will help you to create suitable cereal packaging in a perfect size. 

Cereal Box Measurements 

To know the accurate cereal box dimension, it is important to carefully measure it. The average cereal box size is 12 x 8 x 1 ¾ inches. However, measuring your box requires, according to your specific needs, attention to detail and many considerations. They are as follows!

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How Tall is a Cereal Box?

This refers to the height of cereal box, which varies from company to company. Many custom box manufacturers follow the average size of a cereal box which is 12 inches tall. However, the brands may increase or decrease the how tall is a cereal box height according to their specific packaging or branding needs. Usually, they increase the box length or height for promotional purposes. The promotions include any branding message, discount code, offer, or gift within the box. So, the standard size of cereal box can be modified as per your requirements. 

  • What is your Cereal Box Width?

As a cereal brand or retailer, you should know how big is a cereal box before you order it. If we talk about the standard size of cereal box or standard width, it is 8 inches. This is an appropriate width for a box that perfectly holds the cereals while preventing external damage. Just like the length of cereal box, the width can also be increased according to how much cereal in a box or for promotions. However, cereal box brands can choose boxes smaller or larger than average. 

  • What is the volume of cereal box?

The volume of packaging refers to how big is a box of cereal. The volume of a cereal box depends on its height, length, and weight. The average volume is around 182.743 cubic inches, which can vary as per the dimension specification of your box. However, cereal box volume can be calculated by multiplying its length, weight, and height. You can get different cereal box sizes to fulfill your diverse packaging needs. 

  • How much does a box of cereal weigh?

The weight depends on box of cereal size and height. Also, the weight can increase or decrease according to the inside content. The average cereal box weight is 500 grams. It is an ideal packaging weight that makes the handling and shipping of products efficient. Like other aspects, the cereal box weight also varies from brand to brand. 

  • How Thick is a Cereal Box?

The cereal box thickness is determined by the packaging material which is used to make packaging. The thickness of boxes made of Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material is different. However, it is essential that all cereal box sides have the same thickness. 

High-Grade Cereal Boxes Protect the Inside Content 

People prefer to buy cereals in fresh condition. These products require efficient packaging to avoid contact with contamination or other outside damages. To win customers’ trust and attention, cereal brands must invest in premium and durable boxes made of top-notch materials. 

The sturdiness of boxes matters a lot for cereal protection during the display or shipment. However, your box quality is based on the material you choose. The material must be strong and eco-friendly, and biodegradable to perfectly hold the cereal while maintaining its freshness and taste. You can choose from the most famous materials for cereal boxes which are as follow!

  • Kraft material
  • Cardboard material
  • Corrugated material
  • Cardstock material 

Conclusion To boost your brand image and sales, you must choose durable and innovative cereal boxes with perfect dimensions. You can choose the standard cereal packaging dimensions or modify them as per your specifications. Custom Boxes Pack provides an incredible collection of custom cereal boxes in all dimensions and styles to cater to your diverse packaging needs. You can choose from our existing templates or customize the box from scratch. Request a free quote now!

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